AKBingo 3rd November 2010 Summary

4 11 2010

I just love these Muchaburi Dodgeball episodes. Kana Kobayashi and Nito Moeno are the referees. The teams are as follows:

White: Tomochin, Yukirin, Mocchi, Mikapon, Mariko + Sae

Red: Harukyan, Yuko, Chiyuu, Sasshi, Takamina + Miichan

And we’re away with the game. Tomochin strikes very fast proving time and time again that she’s a dangerous player and an asset to any team. Sasshi is the one eliminated by her. Her punishment is to eat a small octopus that’s been cut into pieces whilst alive! The poor thing is still thrashing about on the plate as Sasshi eats one of the raw tentacles. The tentacle is moving in her mouth but she eventually swallows it. I don’t think I’d be able to eat something that’s alive!

Takamina is the 2nd girl out by Mikapon and boy, is she pissed about it! She tried to grab the ball but failed. She has to undergo a facial make-up transformation by Kiyoto and when she turns around she’s C-3PO from Star Wars! She starts acting like him whilst the rest of the girls are laughing at her. Even Takamina finds her look amusing when she sees herself in the mirror.

The next punishment is outside the studio and back at the restaurant where Takamina was 2 weeks ago grabbing people’s meals. Yuko manages to eliminate Mariko who contests the decision. Kana Kobayashi sprints full pelt to a surprised Mariko and starts babbling some gibberish to her. She’s still out! We see Mariko enter the restaurant which has a number of people eating there and move to the center of the place before she starts to shout something and hides under a table. The couple whose table Mariko is hiding under looks on bemused. Next she goes up to a big window and tries to get everybody’s attention by saying there’s a UFO in the sky! It doesn’t work and 1 couple find it funny what she’s doing. Mariko was pretty cool but I didn’t find it as hilarious as Takamina’s effort there.

Miichan gets smacked hard by Tomochin to be the next girl out of the game. Her punishment is to eat what looks like a plate of small fried lizards. OMG it looks disgusting and very unappetising. Although reluctant to put one of the lizards in her mouth, she manages to bit a piece off but she’s struggling to chew and swallow it and there’s tears streaming down her face. Yuko tries to lighten the mood by doing a pose of one of the cooked lizards then the other girls join in and do the same. Very funny. Miichan eventually does manage to swallow it. Well done Miichan.

Tomochin gets her 3rd strike of the episode. After failing to get Yuko, she aims for Harukyan who is hit and eliminated. It was quite a boring punishment for her involving a glass of milk, a 10 metre piece of straw strung up on a wall with peaks and troughs and Harukyan had to suck the milk from the glass, through the long straw and into her mouth. Though the challenge would be difficult for some with not so very good lung power, Harukyan completed it quite easily.

The next punishment is the 3rd eating one of the night and involves the AD Inaba. Chiyuu looks worried and Mayu is giving him some stick once more. Will Mayu ever forgive him for making her cry? Yukirin is the unfortunate girl out by Miichan. Inaba’s culinary delight this time is Melon Miso Soup. Yukirin starts to eat and drink the soup well enough but soon starts gagging on it – obviously the combination doesn’t complement each other. Chiyuu is dreading having Inaba pick her to try his meal and has turned her back from him. However, it doesn’t work and she has to try the Melon Miso Soup. Judging from her face she doesn’t like it one bit.

This concludes the game with the Whites triumphing 4-2. Inaba once more picks Chiyuu as his MVP but that should have gone to Tomochin who is awesome and lethal as always.

Another Phrasemuseum which is between Amina Sato and Kojima. Sato wins with Kiyoto painting an insect on her cheek.

News – something about an Asia Festival, a new AKB48 shop has opened in Hong Kong and a feature about Xmas.

There’s a repeat again of the Beginner performance with Tomochin in the centre before the end of the show. I really enjoyed this episode.

Next week: Yankii Battle between Yuko and Takamina’s crew.



One response

5 11 2010

Mariko was funny hehe

didn’t know she can do something like that.. she always have the aloof thing about her hehe

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