As If We Didn’t Know This Already….

6 11 2010

We all know about the no-dating rule that idol groups are supposed to adhere to and for those caught the consequences are high. To reinforce the no-dating policy, AKB48 members stated during a press conference for their 7-11 Xmas Campaign that instead of being with their boyfriend during the holiday period because they can’t have one, they will be spending Christmas amongst each other by having a party, dressing up in Xmas gear and having a great time together (how I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that party!!!). Tomomi Kasai even said they pretend to go on dates with each other!



2 responses

6 11 2010

I’ll not get surprised if 50% of them coming out/ already are lesbians haha.

8 11 2010

Maybe the girls are into other females due to the no-dating policy!

Once it’s time for the girls to graduate, I’ll bet they’ll “score” by going out on lots of dates with men 🙂

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