AKBingo 10th November 2010 Summary

11 11 2010

This week’s episode is a brand new game not seen before – The Chicken Race – Number Dobon between 2 teams with a yankii theme. But before the game can began we have the 2 team captains (Takamina and Yuko) squaring up to each other and trash talking. Both are trying hard to keep a straight face. This is interrupted by the Bad Boys.

I haven’t got time to explain the rules of the game itself and the format so please go here http://stage48.net/wiki/index.php?title=The_Chicken_Race:_Number_Dobon! to this article on Stage 48. It’s a really thorough well done article on the game and thanks for the author for doing it. It’s saved me a lot of typing!!!

The teams are:

Takamina Team (White): Akicha, Miichan, Miku Tanabe, Ami Maeda, Mocchi (on the bike) & Takamina
Yuko Team (Red): Mariya Suzuki, Chiyuu, Kojima, Rumi Yonezawa, Suuchan (on the bike) & Yuko

Nice to see a couple of new faces on the show. OK, it’s time for the game to begin with Chiyuu first up for Yuko’s team. She plonks for a 1-On-1 challenge on the board which is a janken game. The more members she beats the more points for Suuchan. She manages to beat Takamina but fails to beat Akicha so only a point for Yuko’s team. Suuchan moves to 20.

For Takamina’s team it’s Akicha and she elects to pick a AKB48 question. She gains 5 points for Mocchi. The answer was something to do with Acchan filming the 5th episode of the dorama Q10. She moves to 16.

A new face on AKBingo has a challenge next with Mariya Shizuka playing the kids game of Crocodile Dentist. The object is to press down on a tooth in the crocodile’s mouth. She will gain a point for each tooth pressed until the mouth snaps shut and then it’s game over. She manages to gain 2 points with Suuchan advancing to 18.

Ami Maeda’s challenge is to roll an inflatible dice on the studio floor. Whatever number the dice stops rolling on, the team gets that many points. It stops on 4 which means Mocchi steams ahead to 12.

Kojima has to play a game of darts. Whatever number on the board the dart she throws will hit they’ll get the points. It effectively means if she hits 20 the game could be over. However, there was no danger of that happening as Kojima failed to even hit the dartboard so no points for Suuchan. It was funny seeing Kojima’s effort.

Miichan elects to play a challenge involving the “Average Citizens” backstage. They consist of: Sato Natsuki, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Harukyan, Shizuka Oya and Amina Sato. What they have to do is vault over a gym horse. So up first is Tomomi Nakatsuka who clears the horse and gains a point. Sato Natsuki, Harukyan and Amina Sato fail. Sato even pretends to cry after her failure. Shizuka Oya vaults over the horse a bit too hard and crashes into a curtain. I laughed at this. In the end it’s 2 points to Mocchi which moves her down to 10.

Rumi Yonezawa opts for a Super Common Knowledge questions and gains 16 points for Yuko’s team. Suuchan overtakes Mocchi to go down to 2 points. Miku Tanabe also picks the same kind of question to get 8 points. Mocchi is down to 2 points which means they’re neck and neck.

It’s down to the leaders on who will win the game – Yuko or Takamina! Yuko goes first and picks Sato Natsuki backstage to skip a rope. She doesn’t do that well so Suuchan only moves a point to finish the game on 1 point. She is safe so can Takamina do any better? She picks an AKB question which revolves around how many emails she receives during that day. Each message she has means 1 point for the team.  Sata checks her keitai and can only see 1 message so that means Mocchi is also down to 1 point with the game a draw. However, there’s a twist as Yuko checks Takamina’s keitai and finds another message. 2 messages means 2 points which means Mocchi is out of the game. She’s unceremoniously dumped in a pool of flour! She looks like Sadako from Ringu afterwards!!! The game is over and Yuko’s team wins!

As the episode draws to a close, there’s a PV preview of SKE48’s new single 1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku and that is it.

Next week’s episode looks like a lot of fun involving Russian Roulette, musical chairs plus more.



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