Top 10 Most Hated Japanese Female Celebs 2010

13 11 2010

For the past 3 years Erika Sawajiri has been no.1 on the most hated Japanese female celebs ranking by women readers of the magazine Shukan Bunshun but this year she’ll be glad to know that she’s no longer at the top. The bad news is she’s only dropped down to no.2 so she still isn’t very popular in the country. The countdown goes like this:

10 Norika Fujiwara
09 Sayumi Michishige
08 Isono Kiri
07 Hosoki Kazuko
06 Koda Kumi
05 Renho
04 Masami Hisamoto
03 Akiko Wada
02 Erika Sawajiri
01 Tani Ryoko

I’m surprised to see Sayumi Michishige and Koda Kumi on the list. I’m guessing that Japanese women don’t like her ‘I’m so cute’ character that Sayumi plays – I’ve never found it annoying. It’s only an act after all. And as for Kumi – what has she done wrong this year? Women still aren’t upset at her comments last year about amniotic fluid being rotten in the womb if you’re over 35 years old and pregnant are they?

I’ve got to admit I’ve never heard of the person at no.1 – Tani Ryoko before but I’ve read that she’s supposed to be popular and a good sportswoman but maybe after entering politics she’s pissed off some people?



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14 11 2010

Just for the record, Kumi’s fluid comment was 2 years ago, still it should be let go by now. Sayumi’s there probably because of Arashi fans being pissed about when she appeared on there show.

14 11 2010

I think you’re probably right about Arashi fans being pissed off – it was Sayumi’s fault for ripping into the boys’ fashion sense and especially Jun Matsumoto in the first place. It seems she’s been in trouble lately as well for making fun of Koreans with her slanty eyes photo which irked many people.

12 06 2011
Claudia Le Blanc

I love you Koda Kumi and she is the best of the best! The most beautiful girl and cute more! ♥

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