Japanese Celebs You Want To Spend Christmas With

16 11 2010

A cosmetic brand in Japan surveyed 500 men and women recently asking them which celebrities they would most like to spend Christmas with. The results are as follows:

Male Celebs Chosen by Women

5. Toma Ikuta
4. Junichi Okada from the group V6
3. Masaharu Fukuyama
2. Osamu Mukai
1. Arashi

Female Celebs Chosen By Men
5. Waka Inoue
4. AKB48
3. Satomi Ishihara
2. Maomi Yuuki
1. Yu-ka

I’m familiar with all the male celebs but I don’t really know any of the women apart from AKB48. Who is Yu-ka? What does she do? I’m surprised that women such as Yui Aragaki or Maki Horikita aren’t on the list.



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