When Record Companies Do Stupid Things

19 11 2010

I’m breaking off from my usual AKB48 related news to report on something terrible which has happened to a young girl that’s a part of the idol group Momoiro Clover.

Reni Takangi was a healthy teenager until in March, the record company Universal Music Japan held a public weigh-in for Momoiro Clover’ members in front of their fans and reporters. They had to be a certain weight in order to debut. Unfortunately only 5 of the 6 passed and Reni was the only one to be over the weight limit. The company told her to weigh herself at the end of April. This she did and she passed the weight restriction.

However, it seems that fans have noticed that Reni has been getting thinner and thinner recently and are getting concerned that she may have an eating disorder. Judging from the photos you’re about to see, I think they have a right to be concerned. The company commented that the weigh-in was supposed to be a light hearted event. Oh I see, so now they say it was meant to be a joke without thinking how humiliating it would be for Reni in front of everybody. I’ve never heard of anything so idiotic in my time of being a J-Pop music fan and it’s angered me a lot.

The photos below are shocking to say the least especially the final photo taken this month. Please Universal Music Japan – pull this girl out of the group immediately to make sure she gets back to being healthy. You have a responsibility to look after her. You should be fuckin’ ashamed of yourself for doing this to her.

Reni as a healthy teenager in May

Reni's facial features have begun to change

This photo taken last month shows Reni looking gaunt

Taken this month, Reni looks terrible and skeletal. Poor girl.




8 responses

19 11 2010

Oh lord, that poor girl. Middle finger to the company and someone give Reni some food.

19 11 2010

Middle finger to the company

momoiro clover was on of my fav..

19 11 2010

What the hell! Any comments about a teenage girl’s body (especially negative) are never lighthearted.

20 11 2010

I recently saw a video of Momoiro Clover proforming Pinky Jones on a TV show, and Reni’s arms looked rather thin. They didn’t look like that in the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010 proformances. I’m very worry. I hope she learns that her body was perfect the way it was.

P.S. I’m a teenage girl, and have met many other girls with eating disorders before. I understand the seriousness of it.

20 11 2010


20 11 2010

Grr…I disapproved, you stupid company. I personally never met/known anyone with a eating disorder. Only learned about it in psychology, but they better do something quick. Eating disorders are hard to treat…=(

22 11 2010
A. Inverse

OMG. I love this group, and it’s really a shame that they do that. It’s not the case in every group idol I guess, AKB48′ Erepyon has always been always curvy and there wasnt a problem with that. Same for Manami Oku… and I remember the same with a lot of HP girls. (well after being curvy, Yossie went skelektical…)

By the way, I wonder if it is the manager that made Akari cut again her hair with her new unpretty cut…..

21 04 2017
Lucky Joestar

This is why I will not give a single yen to UMJ. That’s disgusting how that record company is forcing someone to endanger her own health for the sake of their precious profits. Being underweight is just as dangerous as being obese. Does anyone remember Karen Carpenter? She was anorexic and died at age 33 of a heart attack. If UMJ ends up killing Takanagi, they should face criminal charges. I would support a corporate death penalty (whereïn the corporation is legally abolished) in that case.

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