Can You Remember All AKB48 Member Names?

21 11 2010

That’s the question that Goo Ranking asked recently in a survey through their mobile internet site and 40,365 people replied back.  The results came out as follows:

1. 1~5 Members – (18,336 votes)

2. 6~10 Members – (8,271 votes)

3. None – (5,925 votes)

4. 11~20 Members – (3,490 votes)

5. Over 21 Members – (2,598 votes)

6. All Members – (993 votes)

7. All Members Including Graduated Ones – (752 votes)

As for myself I can probably name about 30 members. I can completely understand why a lot only remember just a couple of names – they’re focusing on their oshimen and nobody else. Besides it doesn’t matter if you can’t name all of them – what’s important is you like the whole group.

How many member names can you remember?



4 responses

21 11 2010

I want to say that I know all the current members, but I’ve never actually counted to see if it was actually all 48 people. XD I do know some of the graduated ones. I guess I’ll just stick myself in the “over 21 members” group for now. =]

21 11 2010

I know like 20 members and of course Erena =(
I miss erena…

21 11 2010

…but can they name SKE48 members? i only know about 5 XD

22 11 2010

I’m the same as you – I can only name 5 SKE48 members at best.

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