SKE48 Gets Their Best Ever 1st Week Sales

23 11 2010

Many congratulations to the SKE48 girls. Not only will 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku! hit the Oricon singles charts at no.2 tomorrow but they also sold 119,913 copies making this easily their best ever selling single. It very nearly doubled the 1st week sales for Gomen ne, Summer. I was so shocked when I saw the figure but we all know that SKE48 has been growing steadily in popularity recently so it shouldn’t really have surprised me. Hell, could we even see them rivalling AKB48 in sales in the near future?



2 responses

23 11 2010
A. Inverse

That’s really huge ! Congratulations !

and today SDN’s GAGAGA started as number 1 !!! (well, with less copies than SKE’s 1st day obviously).

24 11 2010

that’s GREAT news but maybe that’ll keep those pesky SKE48 girls outta the AKB48 singles! *hides* I still love Matsui duo though!

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