AKBingo Episode 112 (1/12/10) Summary

2 12 2010

This week’s episode goes back to the great game that debuted 3 weeks ago – The Chicken Race – Number Dobon. See the episode summary 3 weeks ago for a link to see the challenges and rules for this game.

Before the opening credits have appeared, Takamina and Yuko as yankii team leaders square up as before to deliver some more trash talking. Takamina is great with her mocking of Yuko who cried in the AKBingo episode 2 weeks ago. Also as the announcer did his spiel with the camera going over Takamina’s team I thought Miichan had pulled the middle finger to the camera but she didn’t.

The teams are:

Team Takamina (White): Akicha, Miichan, Amina Sato, Sayaka Nakaya, Shuuchan (on the bike) & Takamina
Team Yuko (Red): Sakiko Matsui, Chiyuu, Harukyan, Suuchan, Kana Kobayashi (on the bike) & Yuko

It seems all of those involved in the previous 2 episodes are back in this week’s episode as well which is great to see. The game is underway with Chiyuu first up for Team Yuko. She chooses to play a perennial favorite toy game with young kids – Pop-Up Pirate. Those who don’t know what this game is all about I’ll explain quickly. The idea is you have a small plastic pirate whose inside a barrel filled with small slits all around the side. Chiyuu has to insert small swords inside the slits. One sword will make the pirate pop out of the barrel. How many swords can Chiyuu insert before the pirate pops out. Not much is the answer as after 1 the pirate pops out. How then does Kana advance up to 19 if both girls on the bike start at 21? Shouldn’t it have stopped at 20! Not a good start for Team Yuko.

Amina Sato is up for Team Takamina and she picks the Average Citizens backstage to do a challenge. The Citizens this week are: Mayumi Uchida (who’s showing some nifty football skills!), Rina Chikano, Misato Nonaka, Mariya Suzuki and Miku Tanabe. Uchida is chosen to see how many marshmallows she can stuff into her mouth. She incredibly fits 7. Shuuchan on the bike moves up to 14.

Suuchan picks an AKB48 related question for her team. Kana is pleading with her not to pick up and for good reason as her purse is bought into the studio for Sata to rifle through. Depending on how many money notes she has inside her purse determines how far Kana can advance. Suuchan guesses she’ll have 10 but the reality is she has none! There are photos, PASMO card, some other bits and bobs plus 245 yen in coins but no notes. As there no notes, Kana doesn’t advance one bit. She stays on 19.

Sayaka Nakaya elects to use the Average Citizens backstage and one of them has to do a skipping rope challenge. Rina Chikano is chosen. Nakaya thinks she’ll be able to skip 8 times but it’s only 4 she manages in the end. Shuuchan advances to 10.

Harukyan for Team Yuko picks a Super Common Knowledge question. I’m not sure what the question was all about but after the answer is peeled on the board to be 12, Kana speeds past Shuuchan and goes up to 7.

Miichan has to do a hoop throwing challenge. There’s a square board propped up on the floor with 9 pegs and Miichan has to try and get all 6 hoops onto the pegs if she can. Each hoop which lands on a peg gets a point. Unfortunately Miichan chooses to throw all 6 hoops at once and misses all the pegs. Did she have a choice to throw a hoop individually or did she have to throw all 6 at once? Miichan gets a big fat 0 in this game so Shuuchan doesn’t move on her bike.

Sakiko Matsui gets to participate in a drinking challenge. 6 glass shots are on a table. 5 of the glasses have water, the other has a bitter drink. Each water glass gets her a point. Pick the bitter drink and the challenge is over. Sakiko manages to pick all 5 water shots so 5 points to her team. Sata orders Kiyoto to try the bitter drink. He nearly gags on it.

Akicha picks an AKB48 related question for her team. It’s something to do with Mayuyu but again I didn’t understand the question. The result is a measly 1 point for Takamina’s team. They are way behind on 9 compared to Yuko who are on 2 points. But maybe being behind on the final challenge for the team captains is a blessing.

With only the captains left, it’s time for a phone challenge game. Both team captains call up one of their respective parents. Depending on the how many times the phone rings determines how many points for each team. Yuko and her team has to hope that her father can answer in just 2 rings otherwise it’s curtains for Kana in this game. Unfortunately he does take more than 2 rings to answer which means Kana is out. Yuko’s father sounds like a fun guy and Sata has a bit of a natter with him after Yuko. After the call is over, Kana is unceremoniously dumped in a pool of flour!

Takamina calls up her mother and she takes 4 rings to answer the phone. Her mother sounds so young but she was so cool. In any case Shuuchan advances up to 4 to win the game for Team Takamina which ends rather abruptly.

Jurina and Rena Matsui promote SKE48’s latest single and the Xbox 360 Kinect gadget.

There’s a live studio performance of Chance no Juban with Yuko subbing for Acchan. I love the song the more I listen to it.

To close the show there’s a PV preview of the Team A, K and B song on the 3 CD versions of Chance no Juban. Quite a good episode and I really want to see more of Kana on future AKBingo episodes. She was entertaining in this one.

Next week sees a compilation episode featuring highlights from previous shows.



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21 05 2011

where i can find the akbingo video clip..?

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