Sasshi Ameba Blog Challenge!

4 12 2010

One of my favorite AKB48 members, the awesome Rino Sashihara has embarked on a blogging challenge today. The TV show Shukan AKB announced that the challenge named “Sashihara Rino Ameba Blog No.1 Projectobjective was that Sasshi had to make 100 entries on her blog in 24 hours in order to be no.1 on the Ameba blog ranking. Sasshi usually has plenty of things to say on her blog but this is a bit of a tall order for her. I hopes she succeeds though. I’ll update this post once I find out if Sasshi achieved no.1 or not.

EDIT: Sasshi actually did manage to write 100 entries in 1 day. Her 100th entry came at 11.55pm. What an achievement for her. Not surprisingly, she hasn’t made any blog entries today but that’s not because she’s tired after yesterday’s effort, she has rehersals for something.



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