SKE48 Team E Is Formed

7 12 2010

In a sudden and unexpected development, it was announced on SKE48’s website that a new team for SKE48 – Team E has been formed. With the number of kenkyuusei growing in SKE48, it was only a matter of time in my opinion before a new team would be announced. So here are the names of the members in the new team and their ages:

Kyoka Isohara, 13
Kasumi Ueno, 13
Madoka Umemoto, 18
Shiori Kaneko 15
Kanon Kimoto, 13
Ami Kobayashi, 17
Mei Sakai, 13
Aya Shibata, 17
Yumana Takagi, 17
Mai Takeuchi, 17
Rika Tsuzuki, 14
Yuka Nakamura, 13
Minami Hara, 14
Haruka Mano, 13
Yukari Yamashita, 14
Erika Yamada, 14

That’s not the end of the news regarding SKE48 though. 4 other kenkyuusei (Riho Abiru, Risako Goto, Sawako Hato and Miki Yakata) have been promoted to Team KII. These promotions come at the expense of 4 current KII members who are demoted to the kenkyuusei ranks (Shiori Iguchi, Mikoto Uchiyama, Momono Kita and Makiko Saito). I have no idea why they’ve been demoted – perhaps they weren’t performing up to the high standards expected? It’s a bitter pill to swallow for them and I wonder if some if not all will quit the group after this slap in the face for them?



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7 12 2010

About damn time!!

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