Chance no Junban 2nd Day Sales

9 12 2010

During it’s 2nd day on general release, Chance no Junban sold only 54,780 to bring the overall total up to 526,022. This was considerably down on what Beginner sold on the same day (112,151) and also Heavy Rotation (68,439). I’m really disappointed with the sales, I expected it to be a lot more than this. We’ll see if it’ll improve tomorrow.



2 responses

9 12 2010

You were expecting a lot more? Seriously? I was expecting a lot less, so the fact that they sold this much is great. Let’s not forget that the senbatsu line-up for this single is basically all the underdog members. Combined with the fact that there’s no lingerie or voting tickets (as in the previous two singles), selling this much is good.

10 12 2010

You do bring up some good points in your comment but considering how the 1st day figures were so good, I did expect around 70k or more to be shifted.

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