Tomochin To Release Solo Single!

11 12 2010

Team K’s Tomomi Itano will release a solo single early next year with a song called “Dear J” which will be released on January 26th. All the other Japanese entertainment websites are stating that she’ll be the first AKB48 member to release a solo single but that’s not true as Manami Oku, Yuka Masuda and Meetan have released solo singles in the past.

The surprise announcement was made at a handshake event for “Beginner” today at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.  There’s no details or tracklisting for the single other than the fact that Tomochin has stated it’s going to be a dance song of some sort and there’ll be 3 different CD versions.

Out of all the senbatsu members that could potentially release a solo single, I really didn’t think Tomochin would be the first to do so. Apparently she’s not going to be the last as Acchan will release a solo album during Summer 2011.



3 responses

11 12 2010

I rather takamina have a solo album. She’s more than ready than anyone.

11 12 2010

I’d love to see a Takamina solo album as well.

19 12 2010

i could see her doing a disco-type of album, with some love ballads thrown in

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