AKB48 61st Kouhaku Special Medley

31 12 2010

The music spectacular Kouhaku is nearing its final stretch in Japan right now as we’re coming closer to 2011. Earlier on, AKB48 performed a special medley of their songs and were joined by SKE48 and NMB48. It truly was a fantastic performance by all of them which closed with them spelling out the words AKB48 – RED – V (as in victory for the Red team). The members have been popping up every now and then on the show after their medley including a wonderful collaboration on an anime song with Nana Mizuki. I think this year’s show has been amazing. Apart from AKB48, I thought Kana Uemura did a moving rendition of her song Toire no Kami Sama which nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Anyway, here’s a video of their performance below:

EDIT: The original video has been taken down so here’s another one. Not sure how long this will stay up though!



3 responses

31 12 2010

thanks for the post! so is there a group who wins? who won? 🙂

1 01 2011

It’s a battle between the red (female) and white (male) teams and for the 6th or was it 7th year in a row the whites won. It’s getting tiresome seeing the same result ever year.

1 01 2011

They aired it here in the US on a local channel. Unfortunately, I was working at the time. They are showing a rerun the following afternoon but I missed AKB’s performance slot. 😦
Thanks for the post again!

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