Ayu Marries – Happily Ever After?

3 01 2011

Congratulations to Ayumi Hamasaki who got married on January 1st in Las Vegas to an Austrian actor named Manuel Schwarz. Now whilst I congratulate her, I’m actually questioning the wisdom behind this marriage as they barely know each other and haven’t really properly dated. Ayu met Manuel in August 2010 when he played her husband in the PV for Virgin Road. They began ‘dating’ and kept in touch by emailing and phone calls. 4 months later they decide to marry – if she’s not pregnant, why rush into things? The funny thing about this marriage is they won’t even live with each other – both will be on opposite sides of the world. Ayu has stated she’s going to be travelling a lot between Japan and the US to see her husband. I’d like Ayu to be happy but I’m giving this marriage 12 months at best before they’ll be an announcement that a divorce is on the cards. A long distance marriage won’t work.



2 responses

3 01 2011

They got married in Las Vegas of all places.

3 01 2011

Exactly! I’m guessing she wanted to marry anywhere but in Japan – out of prying eyes of the paparazzi I imagine. She must have gone straight to the airport after her NYE concert in Yoyogi. I really hope this marriage works out for her.

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