Tomochin Unveils Photos Of Her Younger Sister

3 01 2011

Fans of Tomochin got a treat yesterday when she finally unveiled photos of herself posing with her younger sister on her twitter account. At first she didn’t upload the photos but only mentioned that she had the chance to take pictures with her sister once more. But after fans asked her nicely to post them she relented and put them up. When the photos were shown, the fans bombarded Tomochin with comments that her sister was cute and that if she would join AKB48 she would sure to be one of the most popular members!

Tomochin declined to reveal her younger sisters’ name but she did say she was 4 years younger than her so she’s 15 years old then. One thing’s for sure – her younger sister has now gained a lot of fans and we’ll see if Tomochin can persuade her (if she wants to of course) to join AKB48 in the future.



3 responses

3 01 2011

Whoa she really IS cute ^_^

4 01 2011

she is cute! wouldn’t it be crazy if she did join. They could have a sister unit during a stage. Think of all the great sibling songs!

4 01 2011

I’m with you Mina. It would be fantastic for both siblings to be in AKB48.

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