Ex 80’s Idols To Take On AKB48?

9 01 2011

There’s a ridiculous rumour going around the Japanese press right now that 4 ex-idols who had success in the 80’s might try and capture AKB48’s crown as queens of the idol scene. The 4 women (3 in their late 40’s and 1 is 51 years old) are taking part in a musical called Heroine ~Onnatachi yo Tough de Are! The storyline is about an idol group who after breaking up 25 years ago decide to reform. The women have also formed a musical unit with the intention to sell the songs from the musical onto a CD. It’s probably just the press trying to create some kind of rivalry between these women and AKB48. The reality of the situation is they have no chance to knock AKB48 from their perch. It’s going to take something extraordinary to do that!



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