The Latest On Erika Sawajiri

13 01 2011

One of the most hated female celebs in Japan is finally back in her homeland. That’s right, Erika Sawajiri touched down in Narita at 10am this morning but refused to answer any questions for waiting reporters before heading to her home. She was expected to come back for the Christmas & New Year holidays but it seems she elected to stay in Spain where she’s been for the past couple of months.

The media are of course desperate to find out what the hell is going on with her marriage – is it on or off? There was rumours during October that she had reconciled with her husband so that’ll put her at loggerheads with companies that want to work with Erika but have told her to divorce her husband first. It’s unknown how long she’ll stay in Japan and if there are any potential work offers going to come her way during her time back in Tokyo.

I’m sure Erika will keep everybody guessing on her situation until the time is right for her to reveal all.

EDIT: Erika is scheduled to make a press conference on January 23rd which will clear everything up about her current situation. The speculation about companies specifically AVEX not giving her a contract until she divorces has prompted AVEX President Max Matsuura to say that nothing of the sort was ever said and that it’s all rumours by the media.



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