Tomochin’s Impressive First Week Sales

1 02 2011

Last week saw Tomomi Itano release her debut solo single “Dear J”. Since the single has been in shops, her CD has been selling extremely well. The total for the week came out today and it was 163,000 copies. I don’t think Tomochin herself expected her debut to do so well. It wasn’t enough though to hit the no.1 spot – that went to TVXQ. Tomochin became the first female artist to break the 150k mark since Hikki’s Flavor Of Life 4 years ago.

Many congratulations to Tomochin on her wonderful achievement. Not only is Dear J a great song, the other tracks on the CD are also fantastic.




3 responses

1 02 2011

Yeah, congrats to Tomochin! Maybe I’ll get all three of her single release. They all sound good. ^_^

5 02 2011

thats awesome,,but does anyone know what ‘dear j’ means

5 02 2011

From reading the lyrics, the song is about a boy/man by the name of J that Tomochin likes.

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