Ayaka Kikuchi Stars In New Horror Movie

2 02 2011

AKB48’s Ayaka Kikuchi will be in a new horror movie that’s coming out in Japanese cinemas during the next fortnight. The movie named “Merry-san no Denwa” is based on an urban legend of the same name. The legend is about an old doll named Merry (Mary?) who calls its owner after being thrown away during a move. With each phone call, the angry doll comes closer and closer to the owner’s new home, eventually standing right next to her. The ending usually results in the brutal death of the girl who threw away Merry.

Starring alongside Kikuchi in the movie will be well-endowed 17 year old gravure idol Irie Saaya. The plot of the movie has the 2 girls being rivals in a high school karate club. During a special training camp in the mountains, some of the staff start to disappear. The 2 girls team up to find the reason behind the disappearances and unravel a mystery that goes back 30 years.

The premiere of the movie will be on February 12th at Ikebukuro’s Cinema Rosa theater – late night showings only.

For those who have never heard about or seen Irie Saaya before here’s a picture of her below.



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