Has Any AKB48 Member Been Under The Knife?

5 02 2011

Last month, a blog entry made by a director of a beauty clinic in Japan was picked up by the media a couple of days ago fuelling rumours that some AKB48 members specifically Tomochin has had plastic surgery.

The director (Takasu Mikiya) commented that many young girls come to his clinic asking for surgery so that they can look like some AKB48 members. He commented that out of the more popular members in the group such as Acchan, Yuko, Mayuyu and Mariko, it was Tomochin’s that the easiest to replicate as he didn’t think she had a natural face. This statement was the one that made the media prick up their ears and start investigating whether anybody in the group has had any surgery.

Takasu though has backtracked on his comment by stating that even if Tomochin had any plastic surgery on her face, she’d be out for 3 to 6 months to recover and we all know that Tomochin hasn’t had a long absence from AKB48 in the past couple of years. He further went on to say that he believes that nobody in AKB48 has had any plastic surgery.

It’s easy to believe that Tomochin has had any surgery as she looks so different from when she debuted with AKB48. My opinion on this is she just grew up that’s all and this man just wants some publicity for his clinic.



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5 02 2011

I don’t think he wants publicity for his clinic because nothing happened for a while after he posted it. It was him just talking about the popularity of AKB in relation to cosmetic surgery and the issues of it (whose face is easier to replicate). The nice thing about this news item is that AKB48 fans can defend any rumors because any long term (weeks to months) absence from any member would be noticed.

6 02 2011


6 02 2011

if anything they correct their mouths/teeth *hehe*

6 02 2011

In my mind I think all AKB48 girls are natural ^_^

10 02 2011

3~6 months are not necessary, especially if you only have one minor surgery at a time. Browse it. The doctor only said that to save himself from any lawsuit (that is, he is denying he ever positively said that Tomochin has had a surgery). What I don’t understand is why people seems to make a big deal out of it. What’s the difference if Tomochin had surgeries or not? If she wants it, let her. It’s her job to look good, we do want our idols to be cute and attractive after all. And Tomochin sure looks a lot better than she was when she’s younger. If she did has surgery, why bash her for doing something in effort to be beautiful? It’s the same as put stylish clothes, or apply a better make up, it doesn’t hurt anyone so I really cannot see why having plastic surgery equals lowering yourself to something unacceptable.

6 01 2012

i never understood how anyone could justify cosmetic surgery… i thought the whole point of idols was that they were genetically better looking than the rest of us? hell by your standards with enough plastic surgery i could be an idol.

11 02 2011

yeah,, but they do need their teeth fixed,,tomochin is a snaggle tooth

9 11 2011
Frank Meloski

I heard she is not easy to like personally but when you are a star it’s hard not to be stuck up.

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