SDN48 Member Ito Kana To Quit The Group

10 02 2011

Ito Kana, a 1st generation member of SDN48 has announced that she’s quitting the group because of ill health. She’s been on hiatus from the group since the end of January due to getting the flu and went back to her hometown to rest.

Ito must have been thinking a lot about her life whilst at home as an announcement was made on SDN48’s official blog today stating that she’s withdrawing from SDN48 as she wants to make a fresh start, focus on her health as well as other things she wants to do. Ito thinks she’s causing trouble to everybody because of her health issues. She’s hoping to come back to SDN48 for one final bash before graduating. I’m not sure about the date that Ito hopes to graduate – probably as soon as she recovers from her illness I imagine.

Good luck to her and get well soon.



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11 02 2011
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