17 02 2011

The PV for SKE48′ new single BANZAI Venus has just been released. What a great song which is full of energy and the PV filmed in a mall in Nagoya I imagine looks like it was a lot of fun to make. I feel that this song is better than AKB48′ latest effort which is pretty boring by my standards. It’s not like me to call a song by AKB48 boring but Sakura no Ki ni Narou just hasn’t grabbed me whatsoever even after repeated listenings. Anothing thing I like about this PV is the dance part right at the beginning in the classroom.

Remember that this PV is likely to be taken down quickly so watch it while you can.



One response

17 02 2011

I admit, this song is more on the energetic side compare to Sakura no Ki ni Narou. I think that AKB48 is following the pattern from last year. Where as at this same time a year ago, the released Sakura no Shiori which is kind of the same tone. Don’t get me wrong thou. SKE’s new song sounds good. But I still like the previous one, 1!2!3!4!. 🙂

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