Aki-P Selects Senbatsu Members for SDN48’s 2nd Single

20 02 2011

Yesterday evening, there was a surprise announcement at the SDN48 performance taking place at the AKB48 Theater. The group told the audience the 12 senbatsu members that had been selected for their 2nd single “Ai, Juseyo” which comes out on March 23rd. There will be 2 CD versions coming out (Type A and Type B).

For their 1st single it was the fans that voted who became the senbatsu but not this time. It was Aki-P himself that selected them and some fans might be surprised at the omission of some members from the lead single.

Popular members such as Meetan, Nonti and Cindy will not be singing on “Ai Juseyo” but will do the coupling song “Tengoku no Door wa 3 Kaime no Bell de Hiraku” as part of the Undergirls A instead. Undergirls B will sing another song as well.

So who are the senbatsu members that have been chosen? They are: Haruka Umeda, Mami Kato, Masami Kouchi, Haruka Kohara, Sayaka Kando, Yukari Sato, Serina, Yuuki Aikawa, Yui Takahashi, Tomomi Tanisaki, Akane Akuda and Yumi Fujikoso.

The members who are in the Undergirls A are: Meetan, Nonti, KONAN, Cindy, Kazue Akita, Chen Qu, Machiko Tezuka,  Chisaki Hatakeyama, Mana Ito, Yuuki Kimoto, Yuka Ninomiya and Rumi Matsushima.

The ones in Undergirls B (Megumi Imayoshi, Misa Okouchi, Juri Kaida, Nachu, Hiromi Mitsui, Akiko, Aimi Oyama, Marina Tsuda, Natsuko and Miyuu Hosoda) get to sing a unique song only found on the Type A CD called “Awajishima no TAMANEGI” while Reiko Nishikunihara gets to do a solo song only available on the Type-B CD called “Ai yo Ugokanai de”.



One response

20 02 2011

yay my akane made it to senbatsu! i was wondering why she was getting all the close up shots in the undergirls video 🙂

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