Maachan To Graduate From AKB48

20 02 2011

The one-time future ace of AKB48 according to Aki-P a couple of years ago – Team B’s Manami Oku has announced that she’ll be graduating from the group in April. This hasn’t surprised me to be honest considering that she isn’t that popular.

Maachan stated on the AKB48 official blog that she wants to go back to school and enter a university sometime in the future. I only realised this but Maachan has been in AKB48 since she was 10 years old and has never experienced school life. She’s missed out on a big part of growing up as a child/teenager in Japan. She feels that she’s been having doubts about being an idol in AKB48 – not really knowing what she wants to do. After consulting with Aki-P and staff, she feels it’s right to graduate this year. She further says that she’s caused some trouble and worry for people over the years (what does she mean by that?). Is it worry from her family as I’m not aware of any scandal as such that Maachan has been involved in.

I haven’t exactly been a big fan of Maachan over the years but I valued her contribution to AKB48. It’s going to be strange not seeing her in AKB48 and at one-time she was a part of the old Team K (my favourite team ever!).

The exact date of her graduation will be announced soon. Good luck to you Maachan in the future.

EDIT: News of Maachan’s graduation has caused a right old rumpus on Stage48 where one forumite which I won’t name upset some others by saying not very nice things about Maachan. Having an opinion is one thing but not considering the feelings of Maachan’s fans is another. It wasn’t the most tactful thing to do.



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20 02 2011
Asuka Inverse

I’m also a bit sad, she is in my top15, but well… her solo single was a flop, she gained a lot of weight and was unpopular… I suppose that it affected her moral and wasn’t really happy in the group. Anyways, Good luck to her :p

20 02 2011

can’t agree more with the goings at s48 pretty hars 😦
can’t believe little maachan is graduating 😦 she was one I was keeping my eye on for the future she was such a cutie

20 02 2011

I don’t think she was referencing a scandal of any kind. I think it is just something you say to be considerate, plus she does say sorry quite a bit. It may refer to her being awkward, shy, and her needing help from other members.

21 02 2011

Good Luck to her! 🙂
She’s one of the first few members that I remembered the name. I read somewhere that she has to lessen her dances/performances because she has a pain on her knees(?) I forgot the exact details. Maybe that is why. I guess the trio for Majisuka Gakuen (with Myao and Lovetan) wont be complete anymore(?)

21 02 2011

Since Maachan is expected to be at the April handshake according to her blog post, she’ll probably finish filming for Majisuka Gakuen before graduation.

Full unit line ups are disappearing at an alarming rate. =( only one member left of honehonegumi.

21 02 2011

if i could only come up with some lotto number next!! this just seemed like it was going to happen,,she never did make a big impact anywhere. perhaps her heart just wasnt in it.

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