AKB48 TV Show Gets Prime Time Slot

22 02 2011

AKB48 will have a regular TV show in a prime time slot on Thursday evenings at 7pm from April. “Naruhodo High School” first aired 2 special programmes last year – the first in May 2010 got ratings of 8.0 and the second in October 2010 which did even better with 11.8. This has persuaded NTV to come to the conclusion that there’s potential in the show. I didn’t even know anything about these 2 previous specials, in fact I find it odd that they’ve slipped under my radar. I will have to track them down.

“Naruhodo High School” which will have around 20 AKB48 members (no information yet as to who will be appear) is an information/variety show with the members doing some experiments and such. Is it something like Mythbusters? One half of the comedy duo London Boots – Tamura Atsushi will be a regular host along with some special celebrities dropping in from time to time.

It sounds like an interesting show so I’m looking forward to it.



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