Sayaka Reinstated As Team K Captain/New Unit

27 02 2011

As you may all remember, Sayaka Akimoto resigned as Team K leader back in October due to a scandal in which a much older individual had stayed the night at her apartment even though the circumstances regarding the guy staying at her place was innocent according to her.

Today saw Sayaka taking part in the Tokyo Marathon. She barely finished the course before the 7 hour time limit of the race came up. She did the course in 6 hours and 50 mins. Aki-P was suitably impressed with her effort and reinstated her back to her old position as Team K leader. I’m sure all of those in Team K are delighted with this news and so am I. I don’t think anybody else could have taken over and do as good a job as Sayaka.

But that’s not the only news about Sayaka. She will be a part of a new 4-member unit called DiVA alongside her best friend Sae, Ayaka Umeda and Yuka Masuda. The foursome will release their debut single sometime this coming Spring.



One response

27 02 2011

I guess Asuka is already in a sub-group, but I liked how they spelled it before (DIVA).

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