AKB48 x Wonda Coffee

1 03 2011

The latest business that wants to cash in on AKB48′ success and make a load of cash from their backs is coffee company Wonda.  15 members will appear in new CM’s for the company starting from today dressing up as casino members at a roulette table and asking salarymen which member do they choose? There will be several different versions of the CM with various reactions from the member that’s chosen.

Also as part of the campaign, there’ll also be some official merchandise. First though you’ll have to purchase either a “WONDA Morning Shot” or “WONDA Kin no Bitou”. You then play a roulette game online and select one of the 56 AKB48 members. If you select one correctly, you’ll receive an original merchandise as a gift.

AKB48 will sing a unique song in the CM which has been specially written for the campaign called “Korekara Wonderland”.

Here’s a clip from an early morning TV show which goes behind the scenes of the CM:



4 responses

1 03 2011

i wonder if these items will be available in Hawaii, since we have lots of imports from Japan

1 03 2011

@wilsgun: lucky! 🙂

I’m wondering if the song will be included on one of their upcoming singles or quite possibly in the coming album(?) just like Yasai Sisters 🙂

1 03 2011

I wonder if it’s pronounced like the name “Wanda” or like someone from New Jersey trying to say “Wonder” =)

1 03 2011

Good question ablestmage. I’ve always pronounced it “Wanda” myself.

Wonda coffee is IMO much tastier than BOSS coffee.

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