Who earns the most in AKB48?

7 03 2011

How much each AKB48 member earns in a year is usually a secret the media can’t get hold of…..until now that is. A company YUCASEE MEDIA has done some research and created an estimate of the the top 5 earners in the group. Please remember that this is an estimate after all and the actual figure could be higher or lower. We’ll probably never know the actual figure.

1. Atsuko Maeda (19)  – 20 million yen ( approx. $243,000 USD)

1. Mariko Shinoda (24) – 20 million yen (approx. $243,000 USD)

3. Yuko Oshima (21) – 18 million yen (approx. $218,730 USD)

4. Kojima Haruna (22) – 16 million yen (approx. $194,426 USD)

4. Tomomi Itano (19) – 16 million yen (approx. $194,426 USD)

So it’s Acchan and Mariko at the top followed by Yuko, Kojima and Tomochin.



2 responses

9 03 2011

What Acchan does to earn the same amount as Mariko? I know it’s an estimation, but Mariko’s doing various personal advertisements and modeling, while Acchan’s just… being the face of AKB? Does that mean she get to be paid higher or something?

27 03 2011

Tomomi does a lot too with appearances in TV drama and modeling she should be paid more

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