NHK Recruits “Team Pichipichi”

9 03 2011

The channel NHK has teamed up with 9 members of AKB48 to create “Team Pichipichi” which will promote the channel’s new Spring TV shows.

The promotion will start next week until the middle of April and each member has been given a specific genre to promote.

Yuko Oshima – Sports

Atsuko Maeda – ‘Creative’

Mariko Shinoda – ‘New General Knowledge’

Tomomi Itano – ‘Entertainment’

Mayu Watanabe – ‘Anime’

Minami Takahashi – ‘History’

Yuki Kashiwagi – ‘Work/Business’

Rino Sashihara – ‘Radio’

Yui Yokoyama – ‘Health’

What’s with the huge push for Yui Yokoyama lately? It seems she’s involved with everything big that AKB48 are doing. Aki-P must have faith in her considering she’s only been promoted to AKB48 since October 2010.



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