Not yet’s Appearance on HEY!HEY!HEY!Music Champ

9 03 2011

AKB48 sub-unit Not yet made a memorable appearance on the latest episode of HEY!HEY!HEY hosted by Downtown. As well as performing their debut single, the foursome also took part in the Video Champ segment in which guests can request funny or interesting clips. Yokoyama, Kitarie and Sasshi chose to pick existing video clips but Yuko chose to make her own.

Kitarie wanted to see a clip of a Westerner lighting a candle using a cigarette lighter and a fart! Yokoyama chose a clip of a track competition using various insects. Sasshi got to see 2 clips – one involving a 4 year old cute girl singing Aitakatta before suffering an accident and a group of male Waseda University students in full AKB48 regalia doing a very good rendition of Heavy Rotation at Yoyogi Park.

The best involved Yuko and her original clip. Yuko has apparently been a longtime admirer of the Kano Sisters. I can’t think why though as I think they’re hideous and overrated. Yuko was granted a wish to meet them in a hotel room. She then had a chance to fulfil what I think a lot of Japanese men would love to achieve and that’s touching one of the sister’s large cleavage but that wasn’t all she got to do – Yuko also had a faceful of tit as well!! You could see that Yuko had fallen in love with both sisters and loved meeting them.

Watch the whole segment below but I fear it won’t be long before the Youtube Police take it down:



2 responses

9 03 2011

Yuko is such a lesbian, i love it lol

9 03 2011

Yuko is very funny!

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