SKE48 Sell Big On 1st Day Of Release For BANZAI Venus

9 03 2011

It’s only a matter of time before SKE48 catches up with it’s sister group AKB48 in popularity. The signs are there for everybody to see. We’ve witnessed how each new single that’s released sells more than the previous and BANZAI Venus is no different. On the first day, 163,028 copies were sold which is fantastic as I really love the single and the PV that accompanies it. No.1 for the week is more than less assured with only NYC lagging behind with 52,785 copies of their latest single. Some might argue that they’re riding the wave of AKB48’s popularity but I disagree. The group have really come into their own over the past year and work tirelessly so they deserve this success.

In other SKE48 news, several members have donned cheerleader outfits for this week’s Playboy magazine.



4 responses

9 03 2011

I can understand why people would say they are just riding a wave from an outsider’s perspective, but if you listen to their music they really have a different style. That is one thing I like is that they aren’t like AKB. They remind me more of Momoiro Clover than AKB.

10 03 2011

I feel like SKE48 are edging for cuteness over AKB48’s cool factor… but thats just me. The past two singles were “cute” IMO

10 03 2011

Forgive me for my ignorance but can I ask what Playboy Magazine is? Thanks!

10 03 2011

Weekly Playboy is a men’s magazine that’s been published in Japan since 1966. It features articles showcasing music idols, AV idols and gravure idols. It’s got nothing to do with Hugh Heffner’s internationally renowned monthly Playboy magazine.

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