March 11th 2011 – A Day Japan Will Never Forget

11 03 2011

Breaking off from the usual idol news, spare a thought for the citizens of Japan especially those in the Sendai vicinity who have gone through the most powerful quake in over 140 years today. An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the richter scale hit Japan at 2.46pm today triggering a powerful tsunami which slammed into the port of Sendai. The damage has been devastating with 32 people confirmed dead and many more missing. I’ve been watching the live news all morning. Tokyo hasn’t been spared with many powerful aftershocks hitting the capital. Mobile network systems and the transportation hub are down. Roads are completely clogged with traffic and workers are walking home due to there being no trains. I’m naturally very worried about my friends in Tokyo and hope to God they’re all OK. My condolences to all the people that have lost family and friends in the disaster.

EDIT: Still no word from any of my friends in the Tokyo area. All I know is that there’s huge chaos with people stuck in their offices as there are massive queues for taxis taking them home. Until safety authorities check the train lines and that they’re OK for use, nobody will be able to board any trains. It doesn’t help that powerful aftershocks are still rocking the city. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep well tonight until I hear from my friends hopefully tomorrow if the mobile network services have been restored.

The death toll which I said was 32 in my initial report has now shot up to 500 and will probably be in the thousands. What the hell is going on with our planet recently? 3 powerful quakes in the last year and who knows what’s to come in the future.

EDIT 2: Thankfully I’ve had contact with one of my friends in Tokyo. She’s OK although some things toppled over in her office and home. Her husband though is stuck in Miyagi on business which took the brunt of yesterday’s devastation. He’s fine and staying in a shelter although he has no idea when he’ll be able to come back home.



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12 03 2011

My prayers for Japan.

13 03 2011

Same goes for me,my prayers to 日本.

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