March 12th – The Day After

12 03 2011

The people of Japan will be trying to come to terms today after what has been the worst disaster to hit the country for over 60 years. The scene of devastation is unprecedented and it will take a while to clear up. Rescuers from over 40 countries are rushing to Japan to help the relief effort and to try and find survivors. What’s worse is the situation over at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. There’s been an explosion there in the past 90 mins with fears that a nuclear meltdown is taking place. TV reports show a big wall of white smoke rising from the plant. That’s a very worrying thing.

As to the status of your favorite idols – don’t worry. AKB48 staff and management have contacted everybody and they’re all safe and well. Some members are in Guam and can’t come home right now. The AKB48 Theater is off limits until at least Monday whilst staff check that the place is safe for the girls and for the fans.

In Tokyo itself, citizens are trying to get back to normality. Trains are beginning to run again. Those who had to sleep in their offices or in shelters last night can start to go back home again. Others walked through the night, some for 5 hours to reach their loved ones. There are shortages of food in department and convencience stores – panic buying more than anything.

Everybody – please pray for the people of Japan.



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