Tsunami Aftermath – Day 3

13 03 2011

March 13th saw more bad news emerging from Japan after the deadly tsunami on Friday. The Japan Meteorological Agency has stated there’s a 70% chance of a huge earthquake measuring 7.0 or more hitting Tokyo over the next couple of days which worries me a great deal. Not only that but the situation at Fukushima Nuclear Plant continues to worsen and there’s a problem at another nuclear plant too. There are fears of another hydrogen explosion at no.3 reactor at Fukushima. People are fleeing the capital with flights booked heavily to leave the city. Already some foreign countries have advised their citizens to leave Tokyo as a precaution.

It breaks my heart to see the country that I love so much go through such pain but knowing the spirit of the Japanese people they’ll survive and come through this crisis. Thankfully though I did receive good news this morning from my best friend in Tokyo who reported that her husband finally returned home from Miyagi this evening. It must have been so stressful for her and it doesn’t help that she’s pregnant too. Stress can harm an unborn child but knowing how mentally strong she is I’m sure she’s been keeping calm as she was in direct contact with her husband. I also got an email from another friend who reported that she was OK as well.

I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube on how people are coping in Tokyo and it was eerie to see Shibuya Crossing on a Saturday night so quiet. Shibuya would be heaving on a Saturday night but seeing some billboards dimmed to conserve energy and the lack of people on the streets was unnerving to say the least. Not that I blame them for staying away. Most will be with their families glued to the TV and watching the news. Tomorrow sees the start of the blackouts for Tokyo. The Kunitachi area where I was staying just over 2 months ago will have 2 scheduled blackouts a day until at least the end of April.

As for AKB48, there’s supposed to be some announcements on Monday as to the situation regarding the group’s activities. There’s no chance of the AKB48 Theater opening that’s for sure.

For those that want to help the people of Japan, please give your money to the Red Cross appeal in your country. I will be donating £50 tomorrow. The people of Japan need all the help they can get right now and it doesn’t matter how much money you give. Every little helps so please do your bit.

This clip from Youtube captures the moment an aftershock hit the departure lounge at Narita Airport



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14 03 2011


Can donate to Japanese Red Cross directly.

14 03 2011

Thanks YeinJee for the link.

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