Japan Tsunami Disaster – One Week On

18 03 2011

Today marked 1 week on since the devastating tsunami that changed Japan forever. During the past 7 days the nuclear catastrophe is still rumbling on but hopefully by the end of Sunday there’ll be good news that all the pumps will have been restarted to cool the nuclear fuel rods in all 4 reactors. The people there battling overwhelming odds against certain death are bona-fide heroes and I hope Prime Minister Kan acknowledges the sacrifice that they’ve made. AKB48 members have been doing their bit to help on their Ameblo blogs by giving advice to fans on how to save energy.

The foreign media haven’t been helping things by putting up sensationalist headlines on their newspapers and making people panic even more. Yes, a lot of foreigners are going home but I assume the majority will not abandon their adopted country and will return as soon as the nuclear situation at Fukushima is made safe.

Most of the world has been proud of the way the Japanese people have kept calm to this tragedy. Everybody helping each other out , people forming orderly queues for water and supplies and no looting has been going on. This would never happen anywhere else I’m certain of it.

I’ve really been dismayed and angry this week about the sick jokes that’s been floating round on some of my work colleagues’ mobile phones about the disaster. What’s worse is they find it funny and have had a good laugh about the misfortune of others. I don’t understand how mocking such a tragic event is even remotely funny. I bet they wouldn’t be laughing if one of their family had died. They’ve probably been wanting a reaction from myself but I haven’t given them the satisfaction but I have told them they should be ashamed of themselves.

EDIT: Helped out today with a charity event run by the Japanese Institute of my local university to raise money for the Tsunami Appeal. As well as doing my bit for the cause, I met some really nice Japanese people and had a go at doing some origami and Japanese calligraphy. Even got interviewed by Welsh TV news who wanted to know why we were doing the event. I think we’ve raised a good amount of money and I’m grateful for all the people that turned up today to support us.



One response

18 03 2011

I did see one nice thing on MSNBC of footage: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/42142794#42142794 . It made me cry. MSNBC has been doing a pretty good job, at least Rachel Maddow who fully explained the nuclear situation.

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