AKB48 Enter The Fray For Tokyo’s Upcoming Election

28 03 2011

The top 12 senbatsu members of AKB48 held a press conference on the 26th March at a movie festival to state that they’re participating in a CM to highlight the upcoming election for the new governor of Tokyo. The CM aims to promote people to participate in the election. The Committee for Election Administration who is behind the CM hopes that seeing AKB48 will encourage fans and ordinary citizens to vote in the election. From April 1st, the CM will be shown at 218 locations in the city every 6 minutes so if you’re in Tokyo at the beginning of April, chances are you’ll see this CM somewhere.  I’m not really sure what the CM looks like just that the song Heavy Rotation will be used.

At the same event, after a talk and mini-live – AKB48 were proud to announce that so far 600 million yen (that’s 7.37 million USD) have been given to the Japanese Red Cross to help the earthquake/tsunami victims. That is just amazing.

The link below to Youtube has a clip of them performing and having a chat at the event. The highlight has to be Chiyuu unfortunately missing her seat during the chat and falling on her arse!! Acchan can’t seem to stop laughing and poor Chiyuu looks sooooo embarassed!!




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