AKB48 Senbatsu Election 2011- Who Will You Vote For?

31 03 2011

Announced just the other day, the annual AKB48 Senbatsu Election for their 22nd single will take place once more this year (no precise date as of yet). A special voting ticket will come with their next single (21st) that’s released next month.

We all know that there was a huge upset last year when Yuko won the right to center Heavy Rotation but what do you think will happen this year? Same result as before or will fans of Acchan do their very best to make sure she regains her no.1 position?

I actually think there’ll be some surprises in the Top 12 media senbatsu members this time round and these are my preductions for them:

1. Yuko Oshima
2. Tomomi Itano
3. Maeda Atsuko
4. Mariko Shinoda
5. Mayu Watanabe
6. Minami Takahashi
7. Kojima Haruna
8. Yuki Kashiwagi
9. Rena Matsui
10. Jurina Matsui
11. Rino Sashihara
12. Sae Miyazawa

I do think Tomochin will steal the 2nd spot from Acchan just for the fact that she’s been receiving a big push lately plus she’ll have another solo single out before the election as well. Expect Mayu to get the hump for not improving on last year’s position so we can look forward to another interesting acceptance speech from her and I fully expect Sasshi to enter the Top 12 . She could even get into the Top 10. I don’t think Yui Yokoyama will be one of the media senbatsu members despite her immense push though she will come close but she’ll either be the center of the lower senbatsu or one of the front girls. As for Takamina, fans could perhaps vote in sympathy as the concerts at Yokohama named after her were cancelled and propel her into the Top 5.

Who do you expect to be the media senbatsu members? My vote is going on Yuko. I’m not saying the others haven’t pulled their weight over the past year but Yuko has worked extremely hard and I’ll do anything to make sure my oshimen retains her no.1 position.



5 responses

31 03 2011

1. Atsuko Maeda
2. Yuko Oshima
3. Mariko Shinoda
4. Tomomi Itano
5. Mayu Watanabe
6. Minami Takahashi
7. Kojima Haruna
8. Yuki Kashiwagi
9. Jurina Matsui
10. Rena Matsui
11. Sae Miyazawa
12. Rino Sashihara

You can never be sure with these kind of things, but I agree with who you think will make it into the media line. I think Acchan fans will fight for her, and people, like me, will want to vote for her because we adore her and there is a battle to be had. Also, Acchan is still crazy busy (she had Q10 and she is filming a movie). I don’t agree with the fact that Rena will be Jurina, for some reason Jurina always comes out on top. Plus, Mariko-sama fans will do their best to make sure she keeps her third spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tomo did go up a bit, but I don’t think she will beat out Acchan.

Surprise jump in position: Miori (10th gen trainee), she has been pushed like crazy even though she isn’t a member yet.

19 05 2011

fully agree

6 04 2011

I may be unfair here, but I’ll place my votes on Yuko, though I can’t do it officially. Of course if the center position was ever given to two people, Maeda must be in it as well. No disrespect to Mayu, but I doubt she can climb much this time around. Her popularity has somewhat dwindled over Year 2010. Moreover, the recent AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 said much with the top 50 songs. In any case, seeing how Heavy Rotation somehow managed to get past Beginner (which totally rocked, ヘビーローテーション!). Ya, with reference to the brackets, the same way Yuko had Heavy Rotation, which I claim as my favorite song till now, I have the confidence that Yuko will top 22nd single’s votes and once again claim center position. Without further ado, my expected ranks.

1. 大島優子 (Oshima Yuko)
2. 前田敦子 (Maeda Atsuko)
3. 高橋みなみ (Takahashi Minami)
4. 篠田麻衣子 (Shinoda Mariko)
5. 柏木由紀 (Kashiwagi Yuki)
6. 松井玲奈|松井珠理奈 (Matsui Rena | Matsui Jurina)

Number 6 is an off one, but despite how many people dislike or hate (where applicable) Jurina, she’s pretty cool for her age. I believe Jurina and Rena should take a spot in the single as well. They’re too cute not to be in it!

6 04 2011

Thanks Mina and Shaun for your ranking positions in this year’s senbatsu elections. I really hope Rena makes it as high as no.6, I guess it may well depend on how much exposure Gekikara has in Maji 2 as I know Rena’s popularity shot up after Maji 1 thanks to her psycho character.

17 04 2011

man instead of the matsui sisters how about miichan and sayaka,,,PLEASE!! calling out to all wotas,,,

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