AKB48 21st Single – “Everyday Kachuusa” Radio Preview

5 04 2011

Check out the 2 and a half minute radio preview of AKB48’s upcoming 21st single which comes out next month. My initial reaction upon hearing the song for the first time is it’s not bad. Nice melody. I don’t think it’s as strong a song as the last couple of singles that’s been released but my opinion could change the more I listen to it. A strange title for the song as well as it literally means “Everyday Headband”!!

There’s no doubt that it will sell over a million, after all there’s the incentive that you’ll receive a senbatsu election ticket if you buy the single.

What do you guys think of the single? Good or bad?



4 responses

5 04 2011

member the ponytail was a tie into the ponytail single of the drama series? maybe has to do with a headband this time around lol

5 04 2011
a. inverse

I like it, but not a very imaginative song though… I hope it will have a great PV, with the sailor outfits I guess. An yeah, it will sell 1 million, for sure, but will it break the record for the first week sales? aki-p is a clever businessman, linking the single with the senbatsu election :p

5 04 2011

I’m largely concerned with the PVs than the tunes themselves =P Seems appropriately catchy..

17 04 2011

yeah,,i want a headband already. the snippet is not that impressive, but im sure the video will be fun

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