Majisuka Gakuen 2 CM

5 04 2011

Don’t forget that Majisuka Gakuen 2 kicks off on April 15th and just to whet your appetite here’s a 30 second CM showing some clips from the new series. It looks like the main theme judging from looking at the CM is going to be Acchan vs Jurina which was hinted strongly right at the end of the first series. I cannot wait for Maji 2 to start.



8 responses

5 04 2011

hmm nachu free?

5 04 2011

One can only hope.

5 04 2011

As much as I’d also like to see Maji 2 Nachu free I don’t think that’s the case as I’m sure I’ve seen some behind the scenes pictures with Nachu in her Daruma outfit. It could be she’ll have a limited role this time round.

5 04 2011
a. inverse

Ow come on, Nachu may not be the cutest girl among the akb-sdn etc project, but she’s cool and funny !!! and she’s a good actress

5 04 2011

Yuko…doko ni Yuko desu ka?!

5 04 2011

Yuko will probably appear in flashback scenes along with Takamina.

5 04 2011

I can´t wait (*happy happy*)!!In CM it looks very cool:)

8 04 2011

Now its Acchan’s turn to beat Jurina as a payback from the time Jurina beat her on pingpong from one of the AKBingo shows…lol

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