Majisuka Gakuen 2 Episode 1 – The Verdict

18 04 2011

So what did you guys think of the 1st episode of the 2nd season? I know we can’t expect everything in the first episode as it’s only an introduction but I hope the story arc for the season starts to kick in soon. The episode was more comedic than serious but it’s bound to change. Overall I liked it.

So what else did I like and what didn’t I like:

The new OP theme – it’s OK, not half as good as Majisuka Rock n Roll. The ED song thankfully is an improvement but from reading other forums not a lot of fans like it.

What the hell have they done to my favorite character Gekikara (or Amakuchi as she’s known now)? A shadow of her old self but judging from the next episode she’ll be back to her evil self once more and kicking Jurina’s arse……..but please don’t make her lose. That will kill the aura of the character if ‘The Special One’ of all people beats her.

Two Yuko – what’s going on here? Ghosts, hallucinations or twin sisters?

Sae as Youran – cool as ever!

Team Hormone – one of the more positive things from the 1st episode. I loved the entire unit in the first season and it looks like they’re going to be just as awesome again in the second season. Mikapon’s character said more in this episode than the entire last season!!

Team Fondue – I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about these lot but that might change. Fresh Lemon looks out of place as a yankee although I won’t complain if she starts headbutting people! And I do like Mina Oba ever since seeing her on the last couple of AKBingo episodes. She’s great.

Miichan as Shaku – annoying as hell. I hope Shaku’s involvement is scaled down in future episodes. I didn’t like the knowing looks to the camera. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but she’s even more annoying than Nachu’s character Daruma.

Yui Yokoyama (Otabe) – I’m getting fed up to the back teeth of this girl getting forcefed down our throats in everything. I don’t care if Aki P thinks she’s going to be the next ace or not. I’ve never seen any member being pushed so much as her. So Yui’s character is the new leader of Rapapa. Not impressed.

It was nice to see what the former Queens of Rapapa are now up to – Black with a baby and working at the checkout, Sado has a job at the hospital, Shibuya being lazy in her IT job and Torigoya as a masseur!

Nezumi – I was surprised to see her fight in this episode. I still prefer how she was the master manipulator in the previous season and not involved in any of the actual fighting but I did enjoy seeing her kick ass and now she’s recruiting former members of Rapapa to her cause. I guess she’s going to be the major villain in this season with Jurina her 2nd in command.

‘The Special One’ Jurina Matsui. I loved bad ass Jurina. She’s fantastic as a yankee and it was funny seeing her burst in on Team Hormone’s eating session and opening a can of whup ass on them.



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18 04 2011
Kendaru Geter

I was confused by this episode 2 YUKOS!!!! is Atsuko completly insane now???? from looking at her she scares me….(she needs her glasses back)

19 04 2011

I must say that the yuko part is really confusing, there are 2 yukos even shown sneezing at the next episode. What’s up with maeda anyway.

I believe there will be a lot of humorous elements added into this season hence why minegishi is there… But yokoyama yui is indeed pushed too much, preparation for the next senbatsu because she is only in the formal team for like 6 months?

Although the themes aren’t up to expectations, but I believe they’re still good songs. Let’s hope we all get to like it after listening to it a few more times.

19 04 2011

I swear to god man, if Gekikara,Amekuchi or whatever name she is going by nowadays, gets her ass kiked by jurina the show is gonna suck, for me at least, and listen I like yokoyama yui as much as the next guy, but the way she is being pushed, it’s just crazy, unprecedented.

19 04 2011

I don’t hate Yui at all but she seems to be in everything AKB48 is involved in these days. A gradual push would have been much better just like what Fresh Lemon and the kenkyuusei are receiving right now. It’s true that many other members have also been given a sizeable push in the past. Take for example Sasshi – last year she got one hell of a push but she deserves it as she’s a wota, a little bit weird and quirky which endears her to fans. Akicha was another fine example of being given a big push and who can forget the fanfare when Jurina burst onto the scene.

19 04 2011

I like Yui, she’s adorable. A girl without that much potential wouldn’t get pushed as much. I’m quite certain that she’s in the same agency as Yuko, Atsuko, Rino and Rie now (even not official yet) which results in getting that big push (obviously this agency knows what it is doing 😉 )

I also rather liked Rena here with the new umbrella element (obviously a reference to her SKE stage song). Also Fresh Lemon was cute… and Shimada Haruka was really bad ass… perfect role for their “bully” personality. Love it. 🙂

11 06 2011

ET, sorry that you have misunderstood the situation and my comments. The updated episode 1 post was written before your comments were made and I do not know if saw that a link is there to start with and it encouraged them to get the subs from you to use with our file of the show. PIH has always done things the right way and will continue to do so.

Because of the Kanto-Tohoku earthquake and a death, has caused daily problems for my family and to PIH, my readers have been trying to be helpful to PIH by telling me about your site. If this personal comment of thanks to the readers of PIH has lead to this misunderstanding, I regret any confusions you my have in this matter.

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