Acchan To Go Solo This Summer?

21 04 2011

Before all you Aachan fans out there start panicking that she’s leaving AKB48 this Summer don’t worry – she isn’t. There are rumours that Acchan will release a solo single sometime during the Summer specifically on June 22nd. When Tomochin debuted her solo single in January, it was said that she’d be the first of many AKB48 members to do this. Naturally seeing as Aachan is the main front girl of AKB48, she’s a prime candidate to release a solo single.

There is nothing confirmed so far, none of the Japanese media outlets has said anything. What’s strange is it’s a Chinese entertainment website that’s started the rumour so it could all be fake. How can the Chinese know about something the Japanese don’t? Have they leaked something that was supposed to be a big secret? They’ve even said that Acchan’s debut solo single will come in 3 versions. If the story is true then surely there would have been a big fanfare by now to announce it which is why fans are taking the news with a big pinch of salt.

Even if the story is fake, I do believe that it’s only a matter of time before Acchan goes solo. She’s got a massive fanbase that would guarantee a big hit if she debuted as a solo artist.



4 responses

21 04 2011

The picture you posted goes well with the entry. hahaha Majisuka? ^_^

21 04 2011
a. inverse

apparently it’s confirmed on oricon that sh’ell have a solo career

21 04 2011
Kendall Geter

It’s going to happen she could release the crappiest single and still sell a million copies easily

21 04 2011
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[…] of Melos no Michi was kind enough to tweet us that the source of the Acchan solo information is a Chinese entertainment site, as cited at IXA Ready. So what we’re looking at is a rumor, and a highly suspicious one, given that it’s not […]

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