DiVA Auditions Spark Angry Outbursts From Fans

23 04 2011

This week we heard about the news that the quartet unit DiVA (Sayaka, Sae, Umeda and Masuda) is going to have 6 new members added and that auditions are going to take place during the Summer to bring the unit members up to 10. The new members coming into DiVA aren’t going to be other AKB48 members but completely new people from the outside.

Everybody was looking forward to DiVA’s debut until this announcement was made. Fans quietly grumbled about this decision at first but now it has turned into a full scale rebellion with AKB48 Theater manager Togasaki Tomonobu being subjected to some angry emails from them. The fans want DiVA to stay as it is – a 4 member unit. They don’t want ordinary people to become a part of this unit. Togasaki has tried to defend Aki-P’s decision to increase membership but this has only made the situation more tense than it already is. My personal opinion is DiVA are fine as they are. I don’t want to see 6 new faces in the unit. Having 10 members in a sub-unit is too much. Just having 4 is perfect and a chance for each individual to showcase their talent. Why is Aki-P not happy with them as a quartet – does he somehow think that these 4 girls can’t appeal to the fans?

Will fan power prevail? Are they over reacting? Could we see Aki-P reverse his decision? Stay tuned to find out.



5 responses

23 04 2011

I agree with you. Four is a good sub group number. And if they are going to add more, it would be best to get members from AKB. But not till later.

23 04 2011

I hope they grumble enough to leave it as is. Yuka or Ayaka don’t get enough screen time enough as is and to add more members??? bleeeehhhhhh!

23 04 2011

Well… there are more than the 4 main members already to be seen in the PV for their debut single: the background dancers. I guess they just want to make this background ensemble more “official”, I guess. I also found it strange in Dear J to have outside background dancers… or having all that outside extras in Majisuka while there are tons of unused girl in KKS, SKE, NMB or even SDN for those jobs. πŸ™‚

But that’s how it is. πŸ™‚

24 04 2011

It would be nice to see that the fans opinions are being heard, but I feel like Akimoto (the all powerful puppet master) won’t back down just because people aren’t happy with it.

24 04 2011
Kendaru Geter

I dont think it is all Aki-P decision Avex is also apart of this

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