Sashihara Pride!

29 04 2011

This has been my favorite segment of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku where Sashihara calls out Kojiharu to see who can come out on top in a series of silly challenges. I find these segments to be funny. Sasshi is definitely getting one of my votes in the senbatsu election. Here’s a selection of Sashihara Pride I found on Youtube.

EDIT: As the original links have now been deleted off Youtube I’ve replaced them with other Sashihara Pride videos.

Pride #1 –

Pride #2 –

Pride #3 –

Pride #4 –

Pride #5 –

Pride #6 –

Pride #7 –

Pride #8 –

Pride #9 –

Pride #10 –

Pride #11 –

Pride #12 –

PS – Here’s Sasshi’s senbatsu election video in which she pleads for your votes!!



5 responses

29 04 2011

Hahaha Thanks for the post. I loved it when she did that hard gay impression. LoL

Ah! Ariyoshi is back again hosting for AKB.

29 04 2011

Sasshi is great isn’t she! Imagine hanging out for a day with her – you probably couldn’t get a word in edgeways with her non-stop talking plus you’d have fun going to maid cafes and otaku shops as well.

29 04 2011
Asuka Inverse


30 04 2011

HAHA! I loved the one where she put herself in the kimshika video LOL

30 04 2011

Lols! Prides 4,5, & 8 are my favourites. The head banging is just ridiculous.

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