New Idol Group HKT48 – Auditions Underway!

1 05 2011

Hot on the heels of NMB48 debuting comes yet another new idol group from Aki-P which will be based in Fukuoka. HKT48 which gets it’s abbreviation from HawKs Town (a mall where the group’s theater will be based) are hoping to make their debut sometime this year, more than likely in late Autumn. Audition submissions for girls between the ages of 11 and 22 started today and will run until the end of May. Even foreign fans can submit their application as well. Wouldn’t that be a shock if there was one foreigner in the group. The 2nd round in the audition process begins in June with the 3rd in July.

It shouldn’t be any surprise for fans to hear about the formation of HKT48. A couple of years ago we heard some rumours about a sister idol group to AKB48 being created in Fukuoka but then it all went quiet until now that is.

This is HKT48’s official website and obviously there’s nothing much on it right now:

Good luck to all the girls hoping to make the cut into the idol group. We all look forward to seeing how things turn out for you soon.



4 responses

2 05 2011

Please please pelase… how long until they announce UK48? Me wants..

2 05 2011

Could you really see an idol group such as AKB48 working in the UK? I just can’t see the concept working outside of Japan. The press would have a field day about how it would encourage paedophiles, members are way too young blah blah – you know how they are in this country. I want the format to stay in Japan even though Aki-P wants to conquer the world with his first step being Taiwan48.

I’m not averse to AKB48 visiting London at sometime in the future. I’d love to see them come here for a concert.

2 05 2011
Asuka Inverse

Fans will have soon to select which singles to buy… there’ll be so many of them.. O.o

4 05 2011

It is just that 48s want: to conquer their fans’ life… ideology of idoling, lol, even organising their life to extent such like fascism or heavy communism did 🙂

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