New Pepsi Japan Summer Drink – Pepsi Dry!

9 05 2011

During the past couple of years, Pepsi Japan have come out with some bizarre flavours for their Summer and Winter drinks so what could they come up with this Summer. Well I’m fairly disappointed with their new drink that comes out in Japan on May 24th in conbini stores. Pepsi Dry will not have any bizarre new flavour to try out, it’s just a boring old cola supposedly with a sharper cleaner taste but with half the sweetness taken out. How dull is that and I was expecting to try out something special too. The bottom of the bottle does say “Bitter Cola” so the taste might not be quite as boring as I expect but we’ll see. I just hope that next time they’ll come up with another weird flavour. I’ll still give this a go though. Anybody else going to take the plunge and buy this to try it out?



One response

9 05 2011

Sounds to me that they are going towards adding alcohol to their product. This sounds like Dry Martini to me. lol

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