Sasshi Gives AKB48 Popularity Another 2 Years

13 05 2011

Sasshi has pissed off many AKB48 fans by bluntly saying on a TV talk show (Odoru! Sanma Goten!!) that she expects the idol group’s popularity to last at best for another 2 years. She also said that without the name of AKB48 she probably won’t be invited on TV shows and this worries her. Sasshi also explained that the TV shows that AKB48 feature on right now (such as AKBingo and Shukan AKB) might be over in 2 years as well. Already fans have begun to call her “Negative Sashihara” because of her attitude. I think she’s got a valid point. There will come a time when AKB48’s popularity will begin to fade. It happens to all female idol groups and Sasshi isn’t stupid to assume that the incredible rise that AKB48 have achieved over the past couple of years will last forever because it won’t. You only have to look at Morning Musume to see that.

Sasshi is already thinking ahead in her future and wants to get a licence as a hazardous materials engineer. She also wants to learn a skill that will help her survive in the entertainment world when her career as an idol is over.  At least she’s being realistic. I like Sasshi for the fact that she’s been so honest about her feelings and I just hope that Aki-P won’t punish her for saying these comments.



2 responses

13 05 2011

maybe sayaka will get back into senbatsu XD jk

14 05 2011

i think the business strategy is to get so big they cant fail

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