AKB48 Singapore Theatre Debut – A Big Success

17 05 2011

On Sunday, 15 members of AKB48 held 2 performances (one afternoon, one evening) at their new theatre at SCAPE in Singapore. Judging by the numbers that turned out to support their favorite idols, it was deemed a huge success. In fact 1,200 people came to see them and it was not just local fans that turned up but some from other countries as well. The previous day, the AKB48 official shop was opened with a handshake event. 500 people were lucky enough to meet Wasamin, Mikapon and Myao as they had spent $15SGD at the shop.

The next performances in Singapore are as follows: May 29th – AKB48, June 10th – SDN48 and June 26th – AKB48. SKE48 will also be performing sometime in the future in Singapore too. Hopefully the next time AKB48 are in town some of the regular senbatsu members will come along but that could be difficult as promotion for “Everyday Kachuusha” will be in full swing.



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