Sashihara Blog Challenge – On Target For Success

20 05 2011

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of her blog ‘Sashihara Quality’, Sasshi was given a challenge to blog 200 times in 24 hours. The challenge started at 9am today and so far she’s managed to do 110 entries. As of myself writing this blog entry it’s just past midnight in Tokyo so who knows what Sasshi will write during the lonely night hours. I’m sure she’ll have plenty to say about this week’s Majisuka Gakuen 2. To achieve her target, she needs to write around 8/9 blog entries per hour. If you take the blog entries that’s she written already (110) divided by 15 hours (9am – 12am) then you come up with just over 7 entries per hour. I’m sure Sasshi will bump up her blog entries as the clock ticks down ever closer to 9am on Saturday morning. I just hope Sasshi won’t fall asleep!! Ganbatte Sasshi, I know you’ll be able to complete your challenge.

EDIT: Sasshi successfully completed the challenge with just under 6 mins to go. She had a nice 6 hour break (no doubt taking a nap!) before she was back blogging again! What a trooper!



One response

20 05 2011

I think she might drink wanda coffee to help her stay up. lol

Good Luck Sasshi!

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