Kojiharu Fainted During TV Show Recording

22 05 2011

A tabloid magazine “BreakMax” has picked up a story that remained a secret until they published it in their pages regarding a recent incident that happened for Kojima Haruna.

Apparently during the recording for the “Mecha Mecha Iketeru” special that was aired on April 9th, Kojima fainted and hit her head on a desk. Sasshi and Sayaka were two other AKB48 members appearing on the show.  Staff working on the show had noticed that something was amiss when Kojima felt giddy and failed to respond to the show’s host Okamura teasing her about a wrong answer. The recording was stopped whilst everybody rushed to check if she was alright. Kojima regained consciousness quickly and apologised for making everybody worry for her. The rest of the recording passed without incident. During all of the drama, Sasshi and Sayaka remained cool, calm and collected – they’ve probably seen it all before with other members. Looking back on the incident, one Fuji TV staff member said Kojima looked tired and had bloodshot eyes. It makes you wonder how many times this sort of thing happens for AKB48 members.



3 responses

22 05 2011

poor girls are working overtime for media exposure just to be popular and that it’s AKB48’s “in” thing… remember that ex MoMosu Kizuna Restaurant episode where they said all of those things (about fainting, performing with bleeding noses, fevers, etc.)

22 05 2011

I’ve read a lot recently about some AKB48 and SKE48 members that are missing work for concerts and handshake events because they’re ill from exhaustion. These girls are being worked too damn hard.

22 05 2011

I agree. Have you seen all those singles out not just by the whole group but also their sub groups. Its almost every week that something is being release. Which will undoubtedly be accompanied by promos and events. I hope management will give them a good whole week off of anything for them to rest. I know there are implications to this but they seem to really need it.

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